Hi, Everybody.
   In the templates/accounts/Prefs.html template. There is a Tempalte
tag written as {%box %} ......{% endbox %}; for example:
{% box "prefsgroup" %}
 <h1 class="title">{% trans "Groups" %}</h1>
 <div class="main">
  <p>{% trans "Which groups do you belong to or wish to watch?" %}</p>
{% endbox %}
But I don't quite know what does this tag mean and how to use it. I
can't find it from my Django Instruction book, and  it seems that this
tag is not self-defind by ReviewBoard. Then can any body give me some
infomation about this tag? I am thinking that if this tag can generate
a view of HTML selection lists,  then how to change each HTML tag
attributes corresponding those list items.

Best Regards!
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