David McCloskey wrote:
But Another problem is appearing now.  Once it tries to do the post, I
get an error that the connection was refused on port 2401.  I'm
guessing this is because we're using ssh tunnels only to connect to
our CVS servers.  Is there some special way to configure my repository
through the web interface to make it work through the ssh tunnel? Or
to configure my environment somehow?  I don't know very much about CVS
unfortunately.  I'm doing this to help a colleague.

I'm not a CVS user either. However you may find you need the latest RB as ssh implies authentication, authentication isn't support with RB 1.0.

If you have the new version the config for auth should be obvious in the web admin - again "should be" I'm not using either CVS or any auth options for the SCM with ReviewBoard.


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