Hi, all.
     I am using reviewboard; Now I had to change post-review
and reviewboard so that post-review will not upload diff file,
instead , it give file versions to ReviewBoard, So that Reviewbaord
can run "cvs diff -uN -r " command to generate diff file by it self.
     Currently, post-review upload diff file to RBServer by function
"upload_diff" which will call another function
"_encode_multipart_formdata" . and the "upload_diff" will upload two
dictionry: "fields" and "files" , the files['path']['content'] is the
file content.
     My change is that: the diff is set as an empty string, and the
dictionary "fields" will taken another dictionary item, which will
take info about file_name and file_versions. such as {"test
\mytest.c":"1.2:1.4"}. When RB server get this dictionary, It will
call cvs command to generate diff content (in function "new_diff" of
file json.py):
     But currently, the "_encode_multipart_formatdata"  will not
encode a dictionary type, and I don't know how to encode a dictionary
type to let it transform to RB server either. So can any one give me
some suggestion on the infomation format or communication standard
between post-review and reviewbaord server? and if you can give me
more suggestion about self defined data transmission between post-
review and RB Server, I will be much thanks.

Best Regards!

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