On Feb 2, 12:10 pm, Paul Scott <psc...@vmware.com> wrote:
> Onkar,
> We have a Review Board server that has reviews for 15 or so of our 
> repositories (mostly Perforce, a couple SVN, and likely soon a couple Git 
> servers once Git support makes it into a GA release). It works quite well for 
> us, and there's really no need to go through the hassle of maintaining 
> separate instances unless you have a fairly good reason.

RB uses perforce server:port configuration so you can not
differentiate between different projects when configuring repository.
Do you have different projects same perforce server with common depot
root? If yes then how do you deal with this situation?

> The one issue we've run into is code access rights. Generally speaking if 
> someone has access to the Review Board server they can read all of the code 
> there. If your repositories don't have the same read permissions everywhere 
> this may be a problem for you. If your divisions aren't too granular you 
> might be able to resolve this by using a couple extra Review Board instances. 
> We have one RB instance for reviews for one large group of contractors who 
> only have access to a particular repository.

Restricted code access is not a concern for us right now.

> Was there any particular reason you were worrying about the single instance 
> strategy?

What we want is that every users dashboard view and email inbox be as
clean as possible. So when a user a1 submits a review requests it
should be visible only to people in his project. Also for those who
are working on multiple projects they should be easily able to
distinguish the review requests on dashboard. So I wanted to make sure
if using different review groups on a single instance is the best way
to go.
I have used RB in my previous project for more than a year. But the
project was small with only one repository and less than 20
developers. The situation will be different now.


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