Hi, Christian
   Is that mean post-review will have to depend on easy_install? We
are making reviewboard automation, so the post-review is installed on
an Linux Server machine. But I have no root permission, And the python
installed on Linux Server machine did not install "easy_install" at
all. So I want a install method without denpendency on easy_install
tools. I had down load the source code of post-review, But it seems
that it can only avoid installation through Internet, It can't be
independent of easy_install.

Best Regards!

On Feb 2, 1:35 pm, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> You should be able to control where easy_install is installing things by
> using the -d (--install-dir) and -s (--script-dir) options. I *think* the -s
> option will control where that script is installed, but I'm not 100% sure
> off-hand. By default, the scripts are installed in a system directory, like
> /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin, which is how they're available anywhere. They're
> just basic wrappers that invoke the internal postreview.py script and do
> some version checks and stuff. Those scripts are actually generated by
> easy_install itself.
> Christian
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> 2010/2/1 qhlonline <qhlonl...@163.com>
> > Hi, everybody.
> >      I would like to install post-review customly but not through Python
> > easy_install. Easy_install will install post-view in the path
> > PYTHONHOME/lib/site-packages/. And after easy_install, We can execute
> > post-review command any where (If not in CVS directory, it will report
> > error), I want this command to be executed anywhere too, But I really don't
> > want that path.  Can any body give me some suggestion? I don't quite clear
> > the  technology about python easy_install, How it makes post-review command
> > executable any where in the system?
> > Best Regards!
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