post-review can actually generate any arbitrary diff, not just a diff
against HEAD. Make sure you're using the latest nightly build of
rbtools for this functionality. It also supports a 'parent diff' mode
where you can specify a parent of your diff set such that if you are
submitting a series of patches not available in the server's repo, RB
will still be able to understand how to generate the side-by-side

I would contend that you can already do essentially what you are
proposing, albeit not particularly elegantly. There is no way to group
a set of reviews together currently.

Also, see issue 1229 for some explanation on how RB currently handles
diffs and why it doesn't fit perfectly with git patchsets.


On Feb 3, 4:36 pm, Stephen Gallagher <> wrote:
> Reviewboard is a great tool, but it's lacking in a couple places
> regarding Git.
> Right now, ReviewBoard only supports submitting a single patch
> generated from the head of a particular branch. In post-review, this
> means that it performs a 'git diff HEAD origin/master' and transmits
> the output to the server as a single patch. Unfortunately, this is not
> how git is used in many cases. Many developers (myself included)
> prefer to work in patchsets, where individual steps can be developed
> and tested separately. These patches will build on each other, and
> should be individually reviewable, but may not have any value separate
> from each other.
> What I am proposing is that is should be possible for a single review
> request to contain multiple, ordered patches. When performing a
> review, it should be possible to select any of these patches
> individually and review them. Behind the scenes, I envision
> reviewboard creating a Review-specific branch onto which it applies
> each of the patches in the set, so context information will be
> correctly available during the review.
> With this functionality in place, it would then be possible to modify
> the JSON API (and the post-review tool) to enable submitting a branch,
> complete with commit attribution and comments.

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