On 2010-02-04 10:13, Stodge wrote:
Am I right in thinking that a review can only refer to a single diff
(where a diff may contain multiple changesets/revisions)? And
uploading a new diff will replace the existing one with a newer


If my understanding is right, we need to be able to group multiple
revisions on one review. For example, we use Trac and multiple commits
are made per ticket. I want to write a Trac plugin that will add the
diff for each commit to a review (wherever that review may reside,
ReviewBoard or elsewhere etc). Is this possible with RB?

You could upload the diff of the first revision, publish it, upload the cumulative diff of the first and second revisions, publish it, upload... and so on. That will let reviewers view (vcs:r2) by looking at the changes between (rb:r1 == vcs:r2) and (rb:r2 == vcs:r1+r2), which might be close to what you want.

I use this frequently when I have vcs:r1 == a bunch of whitespace changes and vcs:r2 == interesting changes. Note that you can assign the review initially to a dummy user to avoid spamming everyone when you incrementally upload+publish diffs.


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