On 2010-02-04 18:15, Stodge wrote:
On Feb 4, 6:21 pm, Matthew Woehlke wrote:
On 2010-02-04 10:13, Stodge wrote:
[...] we need to be able to group multiple revisions on one review.
Is this possible with RB?

You could upload the diff of the first revision, publish it, upload the
cumulative diff of the first and second revisions, publish it, upload...
and so on. That will let reviewers view (vcs:r2) by looking at the
changes between (rb:r1 == vcs:r2) and (rb:r2 == vcs:r1+r2), which might
be close to what you want.


For example:

r1 committed by Mike
r2 committed by Mike
r3 committed by Bob
r4 committed by Fred
r5 committed by Mike

I would want to review r1, r2 and r5 in one single review, which I
don't think would work in your example.

Sure it will. Create a diff consisting of vcs:r1 and publish it. Now create a diff consisting of vcs:r1+r2 and publish it. Then create a diff of vcs:r1+r2+r5 and publish it.

The trick of course is telling Review Board that the diff you are uploading is based off of vcs r0. AFAIK this can be done, though you'll probably have to hack together your own script to generate the diffs and submit the appropriate info to Review Board (this was already assumed).

So what you will see in Review Board is rb:r3 == vcs:r1+r2+r5. You can look at rb:r1 to see just vcs:r1, or rb:r2-r1 to see just vcs:r2, or rb:r3-r2 to see just vcs:r5. ('rb:x-y' means 'rb:x without rb:y', a.k.a. 'changes between y and x' in Review Board parlance.)

I'm assuming you want to be able to see each revision independently. If you only care about r1+r2+r5, just generate that diff and post it. (Again, the trick is telling Review Board what revision is base. Check out postreview.py, you should be able to find how to do that.)

Actually... I think you can also just check out r0, read the diffs from VCS and apply them, and simply post-review that. It just won't fill in the revision field (but I think you may be out of luck there no matter what).


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