Thank you for your answer.  I would like to respectfully disagree.

What is the difference between the "ship it" checkbox and any other
field in the review?  There are specific permissions from changing the
header, changing the diff, the text, etc, I think there is even a
permission to say if people were allowed to post reviews or not.  Why
is the "ship it" button different?  If this is a sociology problem,
then why have permissions at all?  Everything should be open, and
people told what they are allowed to edit and not edit.  We all know
this does not work in the real world.  Even with advance training and
whatever, someone could check the box accidentally.  Since there is no
way a way to uncheck this box we want to limit its' exposure.

We are working on cvs commit hook scripts, so checkin's cannot be made
unless the referenced review has be marked ship it, so yes actually, a
check-box *will* stop people from checking in code. :)

On Feb 3, 5:18 pm, David Trowbridge <> wrote:
> In general we've avoided adding this sort of permissions and policy,
> since it adds a lot of UI complexity for what is essentially a
> sociology problem. We have a bug open requesting some sort of general
> policy set-up (while we try to figure out what that means), but I'd
> recommend that this is better enforced through training and
> management. If people are submitting code without the proper
> authorizations, then a check-box isn't going to stop them.

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