First off, I'm using svn on linux.  Second, google seems to refuse to
let me search this newsgroup (500: server error), so I apologize if
this question has been asked before/recently.

I'm attempting to use the post-review tool to upload diff files from
outside a working copy.  I tried to simply use the "--diff-filename"
option, but this resulted in the complaint that my current directory
doesn't contain a supported repository.  Adding the "--repository-url"
option complains that I'm required to specify a revision range.  At
this point I think post-review thinks I'm attempting to do a post-
commit review because it seems to ignore my supplied diff file and try
to generate its own based on the revision or revisions I supply to
it.  Is there no way to simply upload a diff and claim that it should
apply to a certain directory as is done when using the web interface?

Thanks for any help,

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