Hi, all.
   When I was installing Reviewboard site, I had set the domain name. But now, 
We have to domain to use. So We decide to visit Reviewboard with ip address:
   But When We opend the Email Notify function. the target user will receive an 
email saying:
This is an automatically generated e-mail. To reply, visit:
Infect the domain tec.reviewboard.com is not used at all, So this link will 
helps nothing. Now We want change this domain info with I address :
How to do that?
I have tried to change the apache-modpython.conf file ,I change the ServerName 
from "tec.reviewboard.com" to "" and restart Apache, But this 
time, The mail content is till unchanged;
Then I changed the MySQL table of django_site, I change "tec.reviewboard.com" 
into "" and then restart MySQL
But the problem is not rectified.
Can any body give me some suggestion? I don't want to redo the rb-site install 

Best Regards!

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