Stodge wrote:
Thanks. I got confused between revisions and changesets, especially as
I develop stuff using Mercurial, while the other developers use SVN!

I'm curious why I can't create a review request via the json api with
the revision numbers as parameters. I guess I assumed review board
would then extract the diff from SVN.

I'm trying to create an SVN post-commit hook that generates the review
request. So what's the best/optimal way to do this? Should I spawn the
diff tool and then hand off the resultant file to review board?

Clarifying what I think you want to do; use postreview to take an existing (already submitted to svn) svn change number and post the code diffs up for review?

I don't know if there are already some post commit hooks for svn around but here your idea is the way to go regardless of which SCM is used. To test it out try doing it manually first, i.e.:

   svn diff -rNEW:OLD >my.patch

where NEW and OLD are the revs to compare. There maybe a better way to do this with svn I'm no expert.

then use my.patch with --diff-filename

NOTE see for information on using --diff-filename with svn

You could then include this as an option to postreview (I've added built in support for our SCM tool for already committed code as it makes seeing what was changed easier even if the code isn't being reviewed, it is also good for generating test data for postreview).


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