A couple of points I failed to raise earlier.  If anyone can help
point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it.

- I _have_ installed psycopg2 for Postgres access.  easy_install
confirms this.
- I have _not_ (and don't intend to) install the sqlite3 or MySQL
support because I am not using their databases.

Two questions.
- Do I need all three or is the installer just making sure I've got at
least one?  The error message is not very clear.
- If just the one, then how is it checking to see if psycopg2 is



On Feb 8, 6:32 pm, James McDougall <jamesmcdoug...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> I am attempting to set up Review Board for the first time on RHEL V5.1
> following the Admin docs.  I'm using Apache and Postgresql.
> Everything appears to be going fine until I run rb-site install which
> bombs out with missing modules (below).  How can I find out what is
> missing?  I've tried --debug and --console but am not seeing any
> further debug info.
> Thanks
> James
> [r...@mrbump ] /tmp> rb-site --debug install /var/www/
> reviews.example.com
> <snip>
> * Required modules are missing.
>     You are missing Python modules that are needed before the
>     installation process. You will need to install the necessary
>     modules and restart the install.
>     Databases (required):
>         * sqlite3 (pysqlite2, sqlite3)
>         * MySQL (MySQLdb)
>         * PostgreSQL (psycopg2)

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