On 02/16/2010 01:48 AM, Jan Koprowski wrote:
> Muhamed!
>   I integrate ReviewBoard using server side "git hooks" (but every
> popular SCM can do that). This is not hard to write something like
> that.
> I guess You want to change state of "issue" in Redmine when code go to
> the ReviewBoard and change when will be reviewed.
> My additional questio to You Christian is there any "triggers" in
> ReviewBoard which are called when review is done. Some "empty
> functions" where I can place my own code to do something when review
> is done?
This is off-topic to the original question, but would you be willing to
share your git integration (git hooks) as you mentioned them above? I'm
trying to research a set of best practices for SCM integration with
ReviewBoard, as I'm working towards setting up a supported ReviewBoard
environment for the FedoraHosted project.

Any real-world deployment information that you could give would be much

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