I have installed a fresh copy of Win7 x64 and VS2K8.
I then installed Py2.6 + RBTools 0.2rc1.
I create a new C# project, svn add, and then post-review the project.
I get a "UnicodeDecodeError" on the Solution's/Project's xml/config
There is a signature of "\xef\xbb\xbf" at the beginning of these

So I do this:
c:\>svn diff --diff-cmd=diff > output.txt
>>>f = open('output.txt')
>>>s = f.read()
UnicodeDecodeError: ...

NOTE that a "s.encode('utf8')" seems to work fine, but if I alter
rbtools to do that, the reviewboard server croaks on the upload.

Has anyone seen this issue recently?

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