My review board site is protected by Apache's basic authentication. So
when I run the SVN post-commit hook for review board (from RBTools)
it's asking me for a username/password to login to the RB site. I
thought this was all taken care of by the post-review script? Or does
that only handle logging into RB directly - i.e. not via http

/usr/bin/post-review --repository-url=http://localhost/repos/fred --
username=admin --password=admin -p --submit-as=mike --revision-
range=4:5   --server="http://localhost/reviews/fred"; --summary="refs
#1 publish review"
==> Review Board Login Required
Enter username and password for Review Board at http://localhost/reviews/fred/
==> HTTP Authentication Required
Enter username and password for "Restricted" at localhost
Username: ...


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