Hi, all
     In my installed Reviewboard, I had used the CacheType as file,
and I defined a file named "reviewboard_cache", set its path when rb-
site installation.
     But when the site is in use now, The accession is very slow, and
file "reviewboard_cache" is always empty. Is that means my file
memcache is not effective now? how to activate it?
     And If I want to use the memcached. I don't want to re-install
the Reviewboard site. can I just config the "settings_local.py" file?
How to set it?

     The second problem is about reviewboard database. I am not sure
whether reviewboard is using Django ORM,  But I don't know how to
change the Model of review_board, I don't know whether I had to change
the Database Table structure directly, Or I had to change the Model
defination and update this to database. And I am not sure whether this
change on model or database would effect the Forms definition.  The
ReviewBoard had been in use now, and some data has been in the
database. Can my change on model takes no effect to existing data?

     Thanks for all suggestions

Best Regards!

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