I've just setup ReviewBoard, and am having some problems.  The
basics are working (connected to our SVN repo, able to create, view &
edit reviews, etc)

My primary problem is that email is not being sent.  As far as I can
tell from the mail server logs on the machine, ReviewBoard is never
contacting the email server to send the mail.

During my troubleshooting of the email problem, several times I've
seen settings in the admin section become "unset."  For example, I
turn on logging, notice that logging isn't working, and when I go back
to the Admin screens to verify what I've done, logging is not in fact
setup.  I've seen similar problems on the email setting themselves,
with changes I make one minute reverting away in the next.

Feels like some kind of caching problem, but I'm clueless where to
begin to look to trouble shoot.  Any help appreciated!

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