I've also seen that behavior. I think ReviewBoard doesn't set the right
no-cache header for that page.

On 02/26/2010 01:25 PM, Jeff Leyser wrote:
> Hi,
> I've just setup ReviewBoard, and am having some problems.  The
> basics are working (connected to our SVN repo, able to create, view &
> edit reviews, etc)
> My primary problem is that email is not being sent.  As far as I can
> tell from the mail server logs on the machine, ReviewBoard is never
> contacting the email server to send the mail.
> During my troubleshooting of the email problem, several times I've
> seen settings in the admin section become "unset."  For example, I
> turn on logging, notice that logging isn't working, and when I go back
> to the Admin screens to verify what I've done, logging is not in fact
> setup.  I've seen similar problems on the email setting themselves,
> with changes I make one minute reverting away in the next.
> Feels like some kind of caching problem, but I'm clueless where to
> begin to look to trouble shoot.  Any help appreciated!

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