Could you use the django-tagging application? I'm not sure if that
would help but I thought I'd suggest it.

On Feb 7, 6:53 pm, B S Srinidhi <> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm fairly new to ReviewBoard (and Django :) and need some help in
> customizing RB for an internal deployment.
> I would like to introduce a "classification" field for each review
> comment. This field will basically be a dropdown list of classifications
> - such as "Memory leak", "Return value check", etc. This dropdown should
> be available to the reviewer in all places where (s)he can enter a
> review comment.
> How do I achieve this? I found that the UI changes would go inside
> reviewboard/templates/reviews/ but can't figure out where and do I need
> to change for the database update. Do I need to define a new function in
> reviewboard/reviews/ Ah yes, how do I make an 'admin' page
> entry for this.
> Any help on this regard would be great!!
> Srinidhi.

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