I'm running into what I feel like is a configuration issue. I couldn't
find anything relevant on the forums, maybe some of you guys already
went through this.

I installed the RB 1.5 beta1 version. I'm running on a RHEL5 system
with Apache 2.2 and Python 2.4
The path /var/www/html/reviewboard/htdocs/media/uploaded/images is
writable by all (777) for the purpose of debugging permissions.
I can import PIL (1.1.6) properly from python.

What I see is that I don't get any errors while uploading the
screenshots but the upload folders YY/mm/dd are not getting created.
The screenshot therefore doesn't display on the review request since
the images are not present in the 'uploaded' folder.

Does anyone has some pointer to where to look ?
What module is responsible for creating those folders ? PIL? RB?


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