Christian> You should almost never use Delete Permanently. We use it in
    Christian> the case of spam, but even a history of abandoned code
    Christian> reviews can be useful.

Yeah, I sort of figured that.

    Christian> The proper way is to use Submitted. Where are you seeing
    Christian> existing entries with "[Submitted]"? You shouldn't in the
    Christian> dashboard (unless it's the "My Requests," which is explicitly
    Christian> designed to show you that so you can get back to them) or the
    Christian> All Review Requests page (in which case you can toggle
    Christian> whether these are shown).

I guess "Submitted" and "Discarded" don't mean anything to me.  Names like
"Completed", "Rejected", etc.  would seem to make more sense.  Could you
maybe provide a tooltip/rollover in future versions which provides a short
help message for those terms?


Skip Montanaro - -

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