Hi, Christian
    Is there any document about Reviewboard web api? Or we could learn
through nothing but the 'json.py' souce file?

Best Regards!

On 3月7日, 下午1时21分, Christian Hammond <chip...@chipx86.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> We've just made some important changes to the web API that will affect you
> if you use any existing Review Board clients with the upcoming Review Board
> 1.5. This includes RBTools pre-0.2RC1, post-commit hooks, etc.
> First, HTTP status codes for API calls have changed. Previously, API calls
> would return an HTTP Status 200 if they had any payload data, even for
> errors. Now we use appropriate HTTP status codes for all responses. This
> means that any existing clients that assume that responses will be using
> HTTP Status 200 will need to be updated to be more flexible.
> The second change, which is not in just yet, is that most API calls that
> return lists of things (such as review requests or reviews) will now be
> paginated. This means that a query will no longer return all the results,
> but rather will return a set number at a time.
> By default, these will return 25 items at a time. This can be changed by
> passing a max-results= parameter to the URL. To grab a new set of items, you
> can pass start= to the URL to indicate which item to start the query on.
> This is a 0-based index.
> New results will be in the JSON payload for pagination: 'total_count',
> 'prev_href', and 'next_href'. The 'prev_href" and 'next_href' keys provide
> the URLs for querying the next and previous group of batches of data.
> These changes will be going in for 1.5 beta 2. It's best that people start
> porting over anything they've written at their earliest conveniences,
> preferably before the release, in case they run into problems we'd need to
> fix.
> Christian
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