On 2010-03-10 15:07, Christian Hammond wrote:
Staff means you have the ability to create/delete/modify anything in the
database that you have permissions for (by default, this is everything, I
believe). Superuser means you have it no matter what permissions are set.
You basically have every single permission automatically.

This is a Django thing, and not controlled by Review Board in any way. It
seems like something they should probably prevent. I think the proper thing
to do, though, is to just not give staff members the ability to modify users
by default. I see nothing in Django that prevents modifying this flag

Okay, thanks. Unfortunately that seems like it would defeat the goal of staff being able to create users and reset passwords :-(.

It seems rather counter-intuitive that the 'may modify users' and 'superuser' flags are effectively synonymous. I guess I should bug Django about it?


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