On 03/17/2010 10:48 AM, Mihai wrote:
> Hello,
> First of all thank you for the great app.
> Second, I am in need of an advice/info.
> I have more repositories for different teams and I would like the
> users to have access only on reviews from a specific repository. Is
> this possible?
> Thank you again,
> Mihai
Do you actually need to RESTRICT access to the other reviews, or do you
simply want to make it easy for them to see the pending reviews for a
particular repository.

If the latter, what you will want to do is set up a default reviewer
group for the repository (on RB 1.5; on earlier versions you will have
to do this by corporate policy rather than default) This means that
every time a review is submitted against a particular repository, it
will automatically direct it at the members of the group. If you do not
have default per-repository groups (e.g. you are running or
earlier) then you will want to set a policy for your developers to
follow that they will always add the appropriate group manually when
creating a review.

Then you simply have the members of the various teams join the
appropriate reviewer group, and they will have the reviews added to
their dashboard.

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