I see in Djblets, datagrid.py, There is a      self.paginate_by = 50
statement defined that each page has 50 ReviewReqeust recodes in the
Dashboard. I think this value should be dynamically settable by users
instead of hard-coding on Djblets.

Best Regards!

On 3月23日, 下午5时24分, JohnHenry <qhlonl...@163.com> wrote:
> Hi,
>    The loging of Reviewboard will directly take us to our 'My
> Dashboard'. When there are too many ReviewRequests, For example, There
> are tens of "Outgoing Reviews"; When click the "Outgoing Reviews"
> item, there will be a lot of ReviewRequests listed out. and the height
> of RR list part on the right, is far more then the height of menu part
> on the left, so that UI seemed ugly. Is there any setting on
> reviewboard about how much ReviewRequest Recodes listed in each page?
> Best Regards!

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