I've been looking at code review tools on and off for a couple of
years now. I keep coming back to Review Board as the best choice (we
use Perforce) but get put off by the installation requirements.

I would need to install it on a machine that is not and cannot be
connected to the Internet, so I'm guessing that messes up any chance
of easy_install working. I can see myself having days of tracking down
the right versions of the many dependencies and then having no idea
what's wrong when it fails... I've had bitter experiences in the past,
does it show?...

What would be ideal for me would be a VM Appliance of some sort, pre-
installed and ready to go. It looks like there is one about from
rBuilder(?) but that was mid-2008 and I think RB has moved on quite a
bit since then.

On that note, which version should I install for testing?  last time I
took a serious look at installing it seemed to be at the beta 'just
about to release' stage for a long time, until I gave up waiting. Is
1.5 likely to be any better, and released fairly soon now?

Sorry if this sounds whiny, it's just that RB looks like it's easily
the best choice for us - and yet the install looks like a nightmare
compared to almost anything else I've installed in the last 10 years.
I really do want to try it out, so any guidance is welcome.

(PS While I was looking at it again this time, an example of the sort
of thing that worries me is that the Wiki says I need to get cmemcache
- but the cmemcache page linked to starts off by saying 'this is
obsolete, use something else instead' without saying what... not a
confidence builder).

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