As I've mentioned in my earlier email, I'm moving one of our
ReviewBoard instances to production. One of the teams has been using
another (local) RB instance till now and would like to merge their
requests to this new production instance.

If my understanding is correct, I've 2 options to merge those changes -

1) Export individual review request using API calls and then importing
them manually
2) Take the MySQL dump and import them here.

I read through the webapi docs available at
http://www.reviewboard.org/docs/manual/dev/webapi/ - I couldn't find
an api call to extract all meta-data and data for a particular review
request. Is there any way I can extract all data - request details +
replies + reviews + diffs, etc - using a single API call? (Something
like what Bugzilla provides)

How can I import these entries to my new system? If I POST these
entries using the API calls, then RB would mark them as created by me
- instead of the real requester. Is this understanding correct?

I would really prefer the MySQL dump, but I'm really not sure which
tables to extract data from. Any help / pointers on this would be of
great help!!

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