Hi, all
    This problem has sloved.
    I had just backup Reviewboard and relative library source files
and get fault. Now I found that copy them back to resume the former
version is not enough, I should also change the version in 'python/bin/
rb-site' and egg info in 'easy-install.pth' corresponding this
version, And restart Apache, That will do. Hope to be of help to users
with the same problem.

Best Regards!

On 3月29日, 上午10时12分, JohnHenry <qhlonl...@163.com> wrote:
> I had expected that I can install this two version and there sites at
> the same time, Then I can change the Apache conf file to deciside
> which version to use. But Their installation will be in the same path
> 'python/lib/site-package' and with easy_install, There will be
> overwritten when install a different version. Simply backup of
> Reviewboard egg files and copy back proved  ineffictive, Then How to
> make alternation between different versions without having to
> reinstall with 'easy_install' ?
> Best Regards!
> On 3月26日, 下午5时30分, JohnHenry <qhlonl...@163.com> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >    I had installed Reviewboard V, Then create another database
> > for Reviewboard V 1.5; Now the rb-site is installed with Reviewboard V
> > 1.5, I want to change it back to V; So I move the
> > Reviewboard1.5 in python/site-package to somewhere else and then move
> > the Reviewboard 1.0 back to the site-package and change its name to
> > keep the path identical. But I still can't access Reviewboard through
> > WEB. Then How to make alternation between Reviewboard of different
> > Version? Must I reinstall again and again?
> > Best Regards!- 隐藏被引用文字 -
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