I've been able to complete a functional Hudson->Reviewboard plugin
(with many thanks).  With the core functionality of it done, I'm now
looking at how to improve upon it, already.  I know there isn't
currently a command-line option for this (or may not be one if it
doesn't seem to be ideal), but I was wondering if it would be much
effort to make post-review accept a few additional params to help with
automation.  "--review-groups=<groups>" (and "--review-
people=<people>") to default the review to a particular set of review
groups and/or people (which I could configure as part of my Hudson-
>Reviewboard plugin options) and also "--publish" to default the
review to be automatically published when created.  Thoughts?  I can
look at helping to add these options if interested, but it will have
to be done on the side (by corporate policy, we're not allowed to
contribute to open source projects... seriously).


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