I'am providing hooks in reviewboard and I think how I can do this.
My idea is simple
  Add to json.py import like this:

  from rbhooks import pre_review_close_hook, post_review_close_hook

  And then modify some functions:

        pre_review_close_hook(review_request_id, type, request)
        review_request =
        review_request.close(type_map[type], request.user)
        post_review_close_hook(review_request, type, request)
    except ReviewRequest.DoesNotExist:
        return WebAPIResponseError(request, DOES_NOT_EXIST)
    except PermissionError:
        return HttpResponseForbidden()

  Where should be rbtools? I thinks this should be empty file (later
when number of hooks will be large even directory) in ./rbtools.py for
development and conf/rbtools.py in rb-site instance file where will be
empty functions like this:

  def pre_review_close_hook(review_request_id, type, request):

  def post_review_close_hook(review_request, type, request):

  I'am providing some hooks now and I want to ask this tool author is
there any way in which they want implement this feature. Any
suggestions, ideas? One idea is provide triggers which can't modify
anything, and if needed hooks which allow modify variables provided to

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