Hi folks,

After 2d of pain, I gave up on installing on Windows with 64-bit
Python.  I was able to get everything but PySVN in place, and that
broke me.  Some of the issues I experienced:

1) We use one of several subversion servers that are distributed as
installation packages.  No development headers are present.
2) Since there's no 64-bit PySVN executable (nor in pypi), I tried to
compile it manually.  I downloaded PySVN source, but it requires a
subversion-devel equivalent system (i.e. headers such to compile
3) I downloaded the subversion 1.6.9 source, and put in the PySVN
Imports/ directory to compile against.
4) Got PySVN started compiling, but then it needed "apr.h", which is a
dependency package for subversion.  Downloaded the subversion-deps
package that is with the subversion source.  This version is built
against an earlier version of Visual Studio.  I downloaded the current
version from apache.org, and got it built.
5) Started compiling again, and another unknown header ("apu.h", this
time), another dependency I'd need to tackle as in #4, and I gave up.
It might have been the last one (knowing my luck), but I decided to
cut my loses.

In summary, PySVN kills you on a x64 bit install.  I had the luxury of
only needing Python on my server for ReviewBoard, so I uninstalled 64-
bit Python, and installed 32-bit.  Everything is going smoothly now.

I'd recommend a warning in the Wiki about the PySVN dependency, to
save future wayfarers time.


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