Hi list,

got the following problem with a fresh reviewboard install on RHEL5.3.

it's using python 2.4, and python-ldap-2.2.0-2.1.

1) server, base etc is configured with the web interface
2) when I do the query from the commandline I get the right results
3) ldap server is openldap and allows anonymous
4) tcpdump shows traffic to port 389 when using ldapsearch, but no
traffic when trying to login on reviewboard
5) reviewboard log shows: "2010-04-06 15:31:24,347 - WARNING - LDAP
error: (13, 'Permission denied')"

I can understand "permission denied" if the password would be
incorrect, but there is no traffic at all going to the ldap server, so
which permissions are denied?

Any idea?

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