Is There a need to provide "mark as read" in ReviewBoard?
  Reviewer from my company use ReviewBoard and they are very impressed
how easy and nice ReviewBoard is. He like dashboard. He asked me
something and I don't know how answer him.
  He always want to have clear dashboard when him work is done. Only
way to do this is submit review when all is ok, or discard them when
something is wrong. But my feeling about discarding when 99% is ok but
only one line should be fixed is ... mixed. Is this a proper way? How
this will looks like.

When developer want to make review they run post-review.
Reviewer read all changes, comment and find one small tiny
insignificant detail which should be change. Because they want to
"mark" this review request "as read" they discard it to make it
disappear from the dashboard. When the dashboard is clear they now
they can start do other things.
When developer fix this tiny insignificant detail run post-review with
--reopen (in progress) and --review-request-id and resurrect review
request. And so on.

Is this good way? Or there is a "missing element" and "mark as read"
or "done for me" quasi-state should be provided?

Greetings from Poland!
Jan Koprowski

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