Hi, all
    There is a requirement for us that when a reviewer has reviewed,
He should give a type of comment: If he doesn't "Ship It"; There will
be a pop-up selection box to let him chose: "Memary Error" "Logic
Error"  "Proformance illness" "Code Format" and the like, Means that
Reviewer should chose one type of reason for "unship" from give items;
If the reviewer had "Ship It", He should also chose from a pop-up
selection box about his comment on this code about code quality.
     I didn't see that Review model had been mapped to a Form, So I
had no idea about how to alter Reviewboard code. There are two
     Firstly: About Database table design;
     Secondly: About WebUI design and practice on 'Review'
     Has any body did such jobs before? Need your suggestion. Thanks

Best Regards!

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