Any help you are able to offer with the following problem would be
much appreciated.

I have just installed ReviewBoard 1.0 on my Ubuntu server following
the detailed instructions on the website.

I have configured a review board site to link to an SVN repository
over HTTPS. To do this I had to use a work-around suggested by
Christian Hammond - run SVN command line tool to access the same
repository, then copy the generated .subversion directory to /var/

After doing this I was able to submit a review request to reviewboard,
which I had not been able to do before. But if I click on "Show Diff",
the result is an empty screen at URL r/5/diff/#index_header within my
site. Firefox View | Page Source shows that there is no data for the
page sent to the browser.

I found another thread on this group detailing a very similar problem.
The resolution there was to install a more recent version of SVN -
v1.4.6. I checked my SVN version and I am already on 1.6.5 which
appears to be the latest version. So it looks like I must have a
different problem.

Any suggestions for things I should check? I'm new to these
technologies so please be explicit!

Thanks in advance, John

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