Okay, it looks like Python 2.6 provides a logging handler we can use for
this -- WatchedFileHandler. It checks to see if the file has been
moved/renamed/deleted and then reopens. It's intended for use with logrotate
and such.

A couple caveats. First, it's only in Python 2.6. We can look into whether
it's easy or not to backport this. Second, it's only available for Linux,
which I suspect isn't a problem for you.

Python 2.6.2 on Fedora 12; no problems there :-). Though, I'd be happy with just a SIGUSR1 handler to force a reload; I would guess that is do-able. (Maybe I will even take a look at what would be required...)

For now I may just deal with the lighttpd restart, maybe I'll use weekly instead of daily rotation to minimize disruption.

Thanks for the useful info.


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