On 04/20/2010 03:37 PM, Christian Hammond wrote:
I'm not sure whether mod_wsgi would be somehow different or not. initialize is called in reviewboard/urls.py, which should definitely be invoked regardless. If you're seeing the "Log file for Review Board ..." in the log files, then you should be seeing signal connections. That is, unless something broke in Django's signals, but you're using Django 1.1.x, right?


Yeah, I'm using Django 1.1.1 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. I have no plans to move to Django 1.2.

I'm definitely seeing "Log file for Review Board ..." appearing. But when I put
logging.info("connect_signals") in connect_signals(), it never prints.

I suppose it could be a red herring. Is it possible that the logger won't work at that level?

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