You're using the term "two parents" very liberally. I don't know of a
version control system that sees merges in this way. Every node in a
repository has, in my experience across a wide variety of systems, one
parent. It might have merge history that involves other sources (in any
system that tracks merge history like git, Perforce, Clearcase, etc.) but
that's not a parent, per se.

Parenting typically comes from one of two mechanics: branching or
versioning. When you branch, you create a new entity whose immediate parent
is on another branch. When you version you create a new entity whose
immediate parent is on the same branch.

A good 3-way diff would actually account for this, showing changes from the
parent, and then perhaps highlighting to indicate what parts of those
changes might have come from any given merge source.

And no, I don't know of anything in RB that does that because RB is version
control system agnostic, so it doesn't even assume you HAVE merge tracking.

On Fri, Apr 30, 2010 at 4:52 PM, Andrew <> wrote:

> Hi all.  Is there any support for reviewing merges (changesets with
> two parents)?  I imagine that ideally, it would be a review request
> that has two diffs -- one against the first parent and the other
> against the second parent.
> --
Aaron Sherman
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