On Friday 30 April 2010 10:52:53 pm Andrew wrote:
> Hi all.  Is there any support for reviewing merges (changesets with
> two parents)?  I imagine that ideally, it would be a review request
> that has two diffs -- one against the first parent and the other
> against the second parent.

I guess you're still talking about Mercurial.
In Mercurial, the diffs are always done conventionally against the first 
parent, including merges. This is in particular the case with the "hg diff -c 
cset" command. This makes sense are you are usually pulling some branch 
changes, and this is what you want to review and what you specify to the "hg 
merge" command.

When you use the mercurial-reviewboard extension, you can still use 
the --parent option to specify the parent from which computing the diff.


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