Hi, there:
I have a problem: How to migrate a reviewboard site to another reviewboard
*Background:* We have been using reviewboard+sqlite on one server for a long
time(2 years). And recently we have been have performance issues. So we
bought a new server and set up a new instance of reviewboard, we are
planning to use mysql instead of sqlite.
*Versions and OS:* The old one review board
is ReviewBoard-1.0alpha2.dev_20090120-py2.5.egg on debian, and the new one
is ReviewBoard-1.0.7-py2.5.egg/ on redhat
*My question:* is how to move all the users/review groups and review
requests data from the old review board to the new one. Can I use sqlite3 to
dump the database and then import to the new reviewboard database( mysql)


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