Hi all.  I'm using Reviewboard 1.0.7 with Mercurial.  I'm using the
Mercurial postreview extension from 

I have three changesets: 79fe5025631a, which is the parent of
e9b2e11ee3ce, which is the parent of 4e5eb065fa77.

79fe5025631a is in the repository that is visible to ReviewBoard.
e9b2e11ee3ce and 4e5eb065fa77 are in my local repository and are not
visible to ReviewBoard.

I am trying to create a review request for 4e5eb065fa77.  I have done
so by executing "hg postreview -o".

The postreview extension appears to have worked correctly.  It has
produced the following diff:

diff -r e9b2e11ee3ce -r 4e5eb065fa77 README.txt
--- a/README.txt        Wed May 05 11:43:35 2010 -0700
+++ b/README.txt        Wed May 05 11:43:45 2010 -0700
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
 To use this locally:

 1. Upgrade

What is surprising to me is that when I look at the review request in
ReviewBoard, it claims that the left side of the diff is "Revision
79fe5025631a", which it is not.  Any help is much appreciated.  This
issue may have been fixed in 1.5.  I have not tested it.

Aside from fixing the immediate issue, it would be neat if ReviewBoard
tagged the left part of the diff view as "Revision e9b2e11ee3ce
(descendant of 79fe5025631a)".


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