I'd like to let everyone know that I've released an open source plugin
for Hudson Continuous Integration (http://www.hudson-ci.org) to
integrate with Reviewboard.


The plugin allows an admin to configure a build to monitor SCM
changelists for external ID patterns (such as JIRA) and create or
update review requests from those changes.  This initial version only
supports Perforce changesets, but additional SCM changelists should be
relatively easy to integrate in future revisions.

For our in-house implementation, we have different Hudson builds for
different projects, each with their own JIRA prefix (ex: "PROJ1-1234"
would be a JIRA bug ID so the prefix is "PROJ1-").  When a build is
triggered by a submission to Perforce, with a description that
includes the JIRA bug ID of the project the commit is associated with
(like "PROJ1-" JIRA projects), a new Reviewboard review request is
created.  Future commits with that JIRA bug ID in the change
description automatically update the review request the next time
Hudson runs the build.  JIRA is not required, it's simply an example
since it's our bug tracking package.


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