Hi All,

For the first time, I am trying to bring up reviewboard in our lab.
Lab configuration is given below.
RB Server:
  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.0,  Python: 2.4.3
  ReviewBoard 1.0.7,  RBTools 0.2
  Rational ClearCase 7.1,  Repository View type : Dynamic view

RB Client:
  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0,  Python: 2.4.6 ( manually installed)
  RBTools 0.2 (
  Rational ClearCase 7.1,  Base View type : Dynamic view

>From the RB Client machine, I am using post-review to post the review
request. I am able to generate the diff file using the -n option, but
not able to post the request to the RB server. post-review is not able
to locate the file on the RB server. On the RB Server, what I figured
it out is , until and unless one 'sets' the dynamic view corresponding
to the Repository selected, one can't access the files in that
Actually, when you 'setview' a dynamic view, then only the vobs
corresponding to that view's config spec will be mounted and you can
access the files in that view.
So, from the RB client, when post-review tries to locate the given
file on the RB server, it is not able to find it, as that vob is not

It would be great if someone can help me out with this problem.

Thanking you in advance,

Given below is the error message that I am getting.

[g20...@rajeshr:/vobs/point/source/sccp] $ post-review -d -o --
username=rajesh --password=rajesh --server=
reviews/ README.sccp
>>> cleartool pwv -short
>>> repository info: Path: /vobs/, Base path: /vobs/, Supports changesets: False
>>> cleartool desc -pre /vobs/point/source/sccp/README.sccp
>>> cleartool desc -fmt %Vn /vobs/spider
>>> cleartool desc -fmt %Vn /vobs/point/source
>>> cleartool desc -fmt %Vn /vobs/point/source/sccp
>>> Looking for ' /reviews/' cookie in 
>>> /usr1/g20298/.post-review-cookies.txt
>>> Loaded valid cookie -- no login required
>>> Attempting to create review request on /vobs/ for None
>>> HTTP POSTing to 
>>> {'repository_path': '/vobs/'}
>>> Review request created
>>> Attempting to set field 'description' to 'g20298_smsc_j7 VIEWTYPE: dynamic 
>>> ' for review request '3'
>>> HTTP POSTing to 
>>> {'description': 'g20298_smsc_j7\nVIEWTYPE: dynamic\n'}
>>> Uploading diff, size: 656
>>> HTTP POSTing to 
>>> {'basedir': '/vobs/'}
>>> Got API Error 105 (HTTP code 200): One or more fields had errors
>>> Error data: {'fields': {'path': ['cat: 
>>> /vobs/point/@@/main/2/source/@@/main/CST_MOT_M3UA_ASP/2/sccp/@@/main/CST_MOT_M3UA_ASP/1/README.sccp/@@/main/smsc_sccp_J7_br/0:
>>>  No such file or directory\n']}, 'stat': 'fail', 'err': {'msg': 'One or 
>>> more fields had errors', 'code': 105}}

Error uploading diff

The generated diff file was empty. This usually means no files were
modified in this change.

Try running with --output-diff and --debug for more information.

Your review request still exists, but the diff is not attached.

On the RB Server: Before a setview
[spi...@localhost ~]$ cleartool pwv
Working directory view: ** NONE **
Set view: ** NONE **

[spi...@localhost ~]$ cleartool describe /vobs/point/@@/main/2/source/
cleartool: Error: Unable to access "/vobs/point/@@/main/2/source/@@/
main/smsc_sccp_J7_br/0": No such file or directory.

After setview
[spi...@localhost ~]$ cleartool setview spider_smsc_dyn_view
[spi...@localhost ~]$ cleartool pwv
Working directory view: ** NONE **
Set view: spider_smsc_dyn_view

[spi...@localhost ~]$ cleartool describe /vobs/point/@@/main/2/source/
version "/vobs/point/@@/main/2/source/@@/main/CST_MOT_M3UA_ASP/2/sccp/
  created 2010-05-07T14:37:26+05:30 by
  Element Protection:
    User : UNIX:UID-104 : r--
    Group: UNIX:GID-5003 : r--
    Other:          : r--
  element type: compressed_file
  predecessor version: /main/28
[spi...@localhost ~]$

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