Hi, all,
My team now is using the ReviewBoard-1.0.6 which is running on the Cent-OS 
server. And this is really fantastic software which help us a lot for code 
However, we also found some troubles when doing review. 

First, In our project, we need to update the code in more than one components 
(java project), so we may generate several diff files for one main function. 
And we find that it is impossible (or it is possible but we did not find that?) 
to upload these diff files in the same review request. Then we have to create 
several review requests for the same main function. So, I send this email and 
hope to know what is others' way for this problem? I think this may be a common 

Second, for some case, we may need to change the same class for two main 
functions at the same period (during the week by different team members), so 
how to generate diff file and create the review request for this case? (Our 
review request is created base on main function changes, and for this case, one 
review request will contain the changes for other main function, there may be 
some confusing). I know this might not be in the scope of this mail list, but 
still hope to get some useful suggestion.

 Third, we are using svn as the repository. And we want to know that when we 
can simply input the revision numbers in the web GUI for creating a review 
request without uploading the diff file. :-)

Many Thanks

Best Regards!


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