On 05/25/2010 04:08 AM, Christian Hammond wrote:

Cookies can only be matched against fully-qualified domains. This isn't a Review Board restriction, but rather a restriction of nearly every HTTP client implementation that deals with cookies. This is why post-review is asking you every time. If you were to use a fully-qualified domain inside the network, the problem would go away.

As of right now, there is no other way to bypass the login request other than putting parameters on the command line. In the future, the plan is to be able to specify default arguments in a config file in your home directory, which you could then set permissions on to 600. You could store the username/password there, if you really felt like it.


Something you could try: add to /etc/hosts this line: reviewboard.example.com

(Substituting the correct IP address)

Then you can use "reviewboard.example.com" as your fully-qualified domain in post-review, and it should set the cookies correctly.

(Obviously, this requires a client-side change on all machines, so a much better long-term solution would be to set up a DNS server)

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