I'm getting this same issue. Did you ever figure out what is going on,
what the solution is?


On Apr 6, 6:54 am, Jeroen <linuxifica...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi list,
> got the following problem with a fresh reviewboard install on RHEL5.3.
> it's using python 2.4, and python-ldap-2.2.0-2.1.
> 1) server, base etc is configured with the web interface
> 2) when I do the query from the commandline I get the right results
> 3)ldapserver is openldap and allows anonymous
> 4) tcpdump shows traffic to port 389 when using ldapsearch, but no
> traffic when trying to login on reviewboard
> 5) reviewboard log shows: "2010-04-06 15:31:24,347 - WARNING -LDAP
> error: (13, 'Permissiondenied')"
> I can understand "permissiondenied" if the password would be
> incorrect, but there is no traffic at all going to theldapserver, so
> which permissions aredenied?
> Any idea?

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