Hi guys

Sorry, I don't know if this is the right place to post this or whether anyone is interested in the project, but I figured maybe you would be.

My Master's in IT project is to compare the usability of different tools/techniques for code review: traditional form input (not like ReviewBoard, more like Bugzilla), paper printouts, and special software on a tablet PC.

I have no idea which will turn out to be better, but I am sort of hoping that the tablet PC will come up on top, since the software will allow for freeform annotations but without the limitation of paper printouts.

I've just about commited to developing my software on top of ReviewBoard, and later that day found that someone made software almost exactly like what I need - Slice, a Windows App. I don't like reinventing wheels so I'll use that for my dissertation.

Still, I wanted to let you guys know about this project because you may be interested. I try to keep my blog updated as the project progresses: http://littlesvr.ca/masters/

I've heard that you're considering doing something with the iPad. If you are - it will probably be very different from what I'm planning (given the absense of a stylus) but still we are likely to run into some similar problems and might be able to share solutions, which would be great. Could you tell me more about what you're planning?

Also - I will be looking for participants in the summer - will ask them to review code using all 3 methods. If you're in the GTA or not too far north of it and are interested - let me know! On top of the fun of participating in a scientific experiment you'll get a 10$ Tim Horton's gift card :)



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