I'm using Windows 7 and I wanted to experiment with postreview.py
(reviewboard server is already up and running in an ubuntu
virtualbox). So I've installed Python 3.1.2 for Windows. But now when
I try to execute "python postreview" I'm getting a syntax error in
line 213
  File "postreview.py", line 213
    except APIError, e:

A quick seach with google brought up this syntax for python exception
    except APIError as e:

I'm not familiar with Python but I guess I'm either using the wrong
Python version, the wrong script or something else is wrong here.

Has anyone a suggestion on how to get this script running on Windows?


BTW: I've downloaded RBTools-0.2.tar.gz from 18-Apr-2010 23:49
I've also tried to correct(?) the syntax by changing "except APIError,
e" to "except APIError as e" but then other syntax errors follow (e.g
line 276).

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