Well, right now 4-8s for a page refresh is just barely within the tolerable limits of my users. I'm trying to determine whether it makes more sense to migrate to MySQL (if it would be better performance)

I was also curious whether ReviewBoard's reference implementation was running on postgresql and whether there were any tuning tricks I should be aware of.

On 06/10/2010 02:53 PM, Jan Koprowski wrote:
It is probably between SQLite and PostgreSQL. But this is delay is
proportional to scalable. SQLite is not scalable at all, PostgreSQL is
most scalable free SQL database.

On Jun 9, 9:39 pm, Stephen Gallagher<step...@gallagherhome.com>
I'm curious, what database is thehttp://reviews.reviewboard.orgserver
using? We deployed on PostgreSQL recently, and I've noticed a distinct
performance issue with it.

I can only directly compare it to SQLite, but of course that's local
access. But we went from<  1s responses on webpages to 4-8s per page
when backed by Postgresql (on a private network with very little traffic).

How is the performance when backed by MySQL?

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